Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Spring Family!

These were I few characters I created in my first year of university. The brief was to come up with a family of characters that related to each other with a story behind each individual.

Hull vs Arsenal

My little brother received 3 away tickets to see Hull vs Arsenal for his birthday. He was kind enough to take me and one of his friends along. Unfortunately, Hull lost on this occasion but we still enjoyed ourselves nevertheless.

Jimmy in my House!

I found this photo after recovering an old camera I had stored away. This picture was taken in our living room of me and Jimmy Bullard. He's a nice guy with a great character and is good friends with my dad. We had a nice chat about the up-coming season and fishing which I happen to know very little about.

Hull City

I am a proud supporter of 'The Tigers' with high hopes this season. The first Hull City away match I ever went to was the play-off final vs Bristol City at Wembley. I went with my mum and little brother on a coach to see hull win promotion to the premier league.

My Window Display

This was a brief running through the 2nd year of Graphic Design with 18 different groups creating a window display for the front of 'Thomas Parker House'.  Each group was given a word to theme there display around. We was told to use the word 'Cut'.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Saatchi Gallery

I visited the Saatchi gallery as well as the National Gallery and Tate modern. They're all very unique and interesting but my favourite was the Saatchi gallery with the dog chew city, fallen angel creature and the motorised wheel chair men. I would recommend a visit to each of these places to any person in a creative field.

Dog Chew City

Fallen Angel

Motorised Wheel Chair Men

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

COD:Modern Warfare 2

Some descent scores on Modern Warfare 2.